miercuri, 30 aprilie 2008

ufo project ( memories )

UFOproject is a musical thing.
We enjoyed amatour and professional djs in different locations dancing for hours.
The project was private and dedicated to a specific group of people.
After couples of partys the world of mouth spread the concept and we have been invited in different citys ( eg. Bacau, Medias ) to make UFOpartys there. Djs like : Nicu Bruma (from ibiza) , Danny the Wolf, Aviator, Bibicu, Alex Kingnon, ElectriqueFarmaci, Herodot ( from bucuresti ), Frisky (from bucuresti) , Colin ( from baia mare) had spinned for us. It happend in winter of 2006 and in the spring of 2007. I just miss this partys and now that i.m back home i wanted to post this.
and you.ll never know when UFOproject will strike again !

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