miercuri, 4 februarie 2009


i know out there a lot of people who give a second chances, even if all you need is one. my problem is that i need one second chance from a lot of people, from a city. it wasnt allways like this. i had some good years, but this place... this place takes his hole on anybody.

i made some mistakes, some big mistakes. they said i was a bad guy. second chances dont allways give to bad guys. i tryed to make sence of all doh'. what happen? what had gone wrong? i like to belive that those years were lived by someone else and all i did is to sit and watch how i distroy my life. it's no excuse but its my excuse... and its all i got left.

now they come after me. its not just anybody. they were my badys, they were my guys, they were my friends. but now its not enought that they got ride of me, its not enought that  i stayed out of the way, they wont be gone. but im not going anywere, not yet. not while a part of me knows that i got something else to give. they are not to happy with that idea and i've got used to not get botter to knok anymore.

[knok sound]

right on time. lately they started playing rough. they used to send messeges couples of time a week. the messege? "get the hell out". 


i know things were bad, but i didnt think that they will go this far. and if they will go this far.. they wont stop. this will allways tourn to all bad guys. i dont have time to think about it. they send miss k. here. they know that dying from the hands of miss k. its the worst way dying. and they'r right. but they also know... deep down they know that i hell no go down like this. i get one shot. i dont miss. i've done this palce a good today. nobady saw it, but i know it. i also know that it wont ever end. it only takes a matter of time till somebody else will take the balls and gets hurt.

i cant stay here. i have to leave.

the text is a personal adaptation from an independent shortmovie called "one of the good guys"

engleza e a mea, si mi.o asum :)

luni, 2 februarie 2009

single portrait

dana / single colour portrait / 

couple portrait

stefana maior & bogdan rauta / black and white couple portrait